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 IWA-MS presents The Hybrid Wrestling Tournament 2008

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PostSubject: IWA-MS presents The Hybrid Wrestling Tournament 2008   Thu Oct 16, 2008 5:57 pm

Match 1: Fans Bring The Weapons:

Dustin Lee Defeated Devon Moore After Hitting The Hard Drive On Devon Through A Huge Bundle Of Light Tubes

Match 2: Fans Bring The Weapons:

Scotty Vortekz Defeated Danny Havoc After Hitting Havoc With His Own Signature By Doing The Dragon Suplex With A Light Tube Behind His head ON THE FLOOR

Match 3: Light Tube Boards And Barbedwire Boards:

Drake Younger Defeated Joker By Hitting The Drake's Landing On Joker Through A Proped Up Light Tube Board In The Corner (Joker had A Severe Gash On His Head After The Move And Needed To Be Rushed To The Hospital) Im Sic In The Head-lol

Match 4: Light Tube Boards And Barbedwire Boards:

CJ Otis Defeated Nick Gage After Hitting The Burning Hammer On Gage Through A Barbedwire Board Proped Between 2 Chairs


Match 5: Panes Of Glass:

CJ Otis Defeated Drake Younger With The Burning Hammer Of The Apron To THE FLOOR

Match 6: Panes Of Glass

Scotty Vortekz Defeated Dustin Lee With The Spanish Fly Off The Top Rope Onto 2 Panes Of Glass Stacked Up In A Pyramid Set-Up


Match 7: Ultraviolent Tables, Ladders, Chairs:

Scotty Vortekz Defeated CJ Otis With The Double Knee Stomp Off The Ladder While Otis Was On A Light Tube Table With A Barbedwire Chair On Top Of Him!! To Become The 2008 Hybrid Wrestling Tournament Champion -***** Star Match-
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PostSubject: Re: IWA-MS presents The Hybrid Wrestling Tournament 2008   Thu Oct 16, 2008 6:00 pm

u r fukkin nuts... im surprised ur boytoy drake didnt win... lol...acc u probly juss killed him... lol... neways the finals would b baddass and this tourny sounds like the GREATEST cast EVER!!!

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IWA-MS presents The Hybrid Wrestling Tournament 2008
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