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 nww pitt in 2009

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Sic Ric

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PostSubject: nww pitt in 2009   Thu Jan 08, 2009 9:55 am

First i would like to start off by saying "wow"! So much good news so fast is way to much to bare (or sometimes even beleive). First and foremost, i'm gunna mention our first "real" show of the 2009 season will be "The Lenny Budd Memorial" held in memory of my incle who passed away this passed Thanksgiving. Hack and I will be squareing off one more time (probly the last fo a while) in a re-match of the NWW Pittsburgh Match of the Year for 2008.

Next; some AMAZING news. Lil Ryda is coming back in a full time role after he moves here in March, his addition plus some other new faces give us a possible roster of 11 or so wrestlers (much needed from our 4 FULL TIME wrestlers late year).

Finally the topic tham im sure most of you want to know about, BYS! it is 5 months away and with the huge link and GBYWN names already confirmed this show will be off tha hook.
a lil match card will be posted sometime today.
heres a taste;
X-cal Vs. Bsnow
Zayne Vs. Sic Ric
Hack Edjamin Vs. Kenny Storm
(Possible)Jimmy P Vs. Somegutnamed Dan -deathmatch

thats all for now ill be postin alot more now that im back in the spirit of wrestling...

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I Mark For Ric!
I Mark For Ric!

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PostSubject: Re: nww pitt in 2009   Thu Jan 15, 2009 9:09 pm

kenny aint comming
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nww pitt in 2009
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