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 World Premiere Wrestling. (R.I.P Zac)

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PostSubject: World Premiere Wrestling. (R.I.P Zac)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 1:13 am

Hey guys my names Keegan. I dont know any of you from this site but some of you could know me from OWWfan.com as WPWchamp. Anyways, half way through last year a friend of mine decided we should make videos were we have legitamate fights and throw them on youtube. That idea flopped. And then my cousin and I filmed a match but werent able to put it on the computer. But then some day in July This year an old friend (Zac) of mine came to me and asked if i'd liek to have a match with him. I was ecstatic and we had a match that he won.

We decided to give him a title afterwards which was the winged eagle championship belt. We caleld it the wPw heavyweight title, he never defended it again because he died this September after taking a tombstone (No joke here folks.)

A couple months went by and nothing came about for wPw. So I went to another friend and we filmed a series of matches in memory of our fallen friend and then I filemd another with my cousin, we are trying to get back on our feet and have created a new title (The wPw fighting title, which is a boxing title) and that will debut in January. We have also brought in two new wrestlers who have been assinged matches for next January.

We are located in Australia and our ages range between 13-16. We have taken wrestling classes and have improved, if you watch our new videos next month you'll notice.

Please help us get back on our feet after our tragic loss.

here is some of the links to our videos: - Keegan vs Jesse for the wPw title - Keegan vs Zac for the wPw title - wPw training video (Not very good, just how to's) - Keegan vs M-Dawgg for the wPw title - Keegan vs Zac for the wPw title

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PostSubject: Re: World Premiere Wrestling. (R.I.P Zac)   Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:58 pm

read the post at the top of the fed listings forum titled READ THIS
BEFORE POSTING... which u did not read before posting... then edit this
one week before deletion of this topic unless its fixed to conform

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PostSubject: err   Fri Dec 19, 2008 8:15 pm

How do i edit it if im not registered? Can I just do it in a post?

Fed Name; World premiere Wrestling (WPW)

Location; Sydney, Austrlaia

Founded; in 2007 by Keegan B. and Mikey E.

'The' Keegan
Jesse James
Taylan V.

Fed Updates; huh?

Youtube/Livevideo; Its in the original post, but the name is
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PostSubject: Re: World Premiere Wrestling. (R.I.P Zac)   Tue Dec 23, 2008 7:12 pm

Well we would preffer it if you would register, make a new posting, and participate in chats around here. We like to talk! lol

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PostSubject: Re: World Premiere Wrestling. (R.I.P Zac)   

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World Premiere Wrestling. (R.I.P Zac)
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